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Who We Are

Planted for a Purpose

Early in 2022, the Holy Spirit began moving in the hearts and minds of a few pastors in Middle Tennessee to plant a Christian community of faith in Springfield. Since the first mention of Springfield among the group, the Lord has opened doors and accelerated timelines to allow the Gospel to take root in Springfield.

Upper Room Fellowship is a Community on Mission hub focused on, and committed to, living out the example that Jesus set forth in the Gospels. This means we hold in equal tension the importance of discipling and meeting the physical needs of our people and the greater community around us. The Christian faith-life is a journey that requires growth and maturity over time. While we do affirm that some individuals' growth may occur quicker than others; we are committed to praying with you, living out the example of Jesus with you, guiding you when necessary, and supporting you on your journey of growing to live as Jesus did, yourself.

Where We Meet

104 Westgate Dr,
Springfield, TN 37172

Our Business Address

409 S. Russell St,
Portland, TN 37148
Trowel and Soil

Our Conviction

Reflect the Community, Plant the Community

We are deeply convinced that people exist for community and should reflect the community that surrounds us! Upper Room is for EVERYONE. Regardless your race, social status, financial standing, age, gender, etc. you are welcome at Upper Room. We see in scripture that Jesus went out of his way to minister to, not only his fellow Jews, but surrounding nations as well; including cultural enemies. It is not for us to determine who belongs in and out of the Church because all people belong in the Church.

As a community of the Church, we want to be intentional about being active in the expansion of God's Kingdom as well. What this means is: we want to be a community that facilitates the growth of more communities. There are many peoples around us, and Upper Room cannot serve and disciple all of them as faithfully as they deserve alone. It will take a tapestry of faith communities to accomplish this task! From the start, we want to keep in the forefront of our minds, "What does it look like to plant again?" and “What are you passionate about?”

All Hands In
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