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Thinking of Exploring Upper Room?

Here's What You Can Expect

Upper Room Fellowship is an open and welcoming fellowship of communities. We are new, we are small, and we want to welcome you into our family! We are fostering environments that rest in the Truth of Jesus and intentionally seek to come closer and closer to his image. We worship together, we dive into scripture together, we serve together, we pray together, and we encourage one another, in love, through our unique experiences to constantly go deeper in faith.

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Prayer | Gathering | Mission

Faith in Action

Covered in Prayer

Something special happens when we acknowledge navigating life does not have to rely solely on our own abilities. There is a power greater than us! We want to pray for and with you.

Ask about prayer groups. Let us know how to pray for you and your loved ones.

Gathering Together

People are designed for community. In gathering, over meals especially, we share culture and understand one another better.

We want to have a meal with you and learn your story.

Community Connect

Upper Room is not a community of inward focus; even though we deeply love our own tribe! We want to serve those who are immediately around us. Be on the lookout for our communities serving community or ask more about them.

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